More Than Just a Writing Center

Whether online or on campus, undergraduate, graduate or doctoral, Regent University students looking for academic support have a new resource.

The Academic Support Center combines Regent’s existing Writing Center and Math Tutoring Center and houses them together, now just outside of the library. It’s open from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

“We have all of the manuals for formatting,” said Elizabeth Ikeda, administrative coordinator of the Academic Support Center. “We have all of the different books for math classes. We have handouts available for students to take home, so they can remember the concepts that were discussed.”

Beyond printed resources, the new Academic Support Center hires Regent students to serve as tutors. They’re available to Regent students, faculty and staff, free of charge.

“Students can schedule appointments online with the online scheduler,” said Ikeda. “They can see our schedule for up to two months in advance. They are allowed one appointment per day, three per week, and they can see all of our office hours; and if they find a coach with whom they like to schedule regularly, they can schedule.”

“When I was a coach here in my undergrad years, I worked one-on-one with students,” said Ikeda. “It was great having that light-bulb moment where somebody who wasn’t that crazy about writing was able to explain their idea clearly and then was able to find a passion for what they were saying and the material that they liked. Now I get to do that with mentoring my coaches.”

The Center provides workstations and collaboration areas where students can pair up with tutors in person. The back of the office provides workspaces where tutors can connect through Blackboard Collaborate for online sessions with online students.

“We are available for distance students to come help,” said Ikeda. “It’s why our hours are about 14 hours per day, so that we can help different time zones. We’ve had students call from Korea, the United Kingdom, so we try to make that flexible, but we recognize that with work and class it just doesn’t line-up, so Smart Thinking is a 24/7 tutoring service. It’s not affiliated with Regent. It’s a contracted service, but students are able to schedule with them to get any feedback when we’re closed, or with math for graduate students, or undergrad students who specialize in science or math classes that we just don’t offer.”

Learn more about the Academic Support Center.