Chancellor Addresses First 2015 Regent University Chapel

While many use the turn of the New Year to reflect on the past, Regent University’s founder, chancellor and CEO, Dr. M.G. “Pat” Robertson provoked thought about the future during the first University Chapel service of 2015 on Wednesday, Jan. 14.

“The Lord we serve is in this chapel right now,” said Robertson as he addressed students, faculty and staff. “He’s in control of everything.” In the midst of a world with growing security and foreign relations concerns, Robertson said that it’s easy to live in the camp that the meek will decidedly not inherit the Earth. However, following God’s calling rarely means things are as they seem.

“Scripture says that God will exalt His people, the holy people,” said Robertson. “They will serve and adore Jesus and the saints of God will rule with Him.”

Therein lays the mission of Regent as it pledges to train Christian leaders. This is more than a vapid slogan, but a prophetic promise.

“We’re in a position to rule alongside Jesus,” said Robertson. “We want to get ready to be servants.”

Robertson explained that God is preparing leaders to take over the Kingdom after the coming of Christ. This will not come from the strength of men or women, but from the strength of the Lord.

“It’s natural, it’s easy to want to defend yourself,” said Robertson. “But we don’t declare the power of our own muscles, we declare the power of Jesus.”

Robertson reflected on the Old Testament story of Moses, who was prohibited from entering the Promised Land.

“The people there were the people who were willing to call upon God’s powers,” said Robertson. “We won’t make it if we’re arrogant or self-assured, but we can do it through Him.”

Robertson then charged the university with the challenge to continue to train and learn about leadership in anticipation of the coming of Christ; encouraging his listeners to rest in the thought that this truly is, “Our Father’s world.”

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