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Cost Calculator

Please reference the following instructions for populating the cost calculator, then click the link at the bottom of the page to access the calculator. The link will open in a new window so that you can continue to reference these instructions.

  1. Select your Post 9/11 eligibility level from the drop down menu
  2. Enter “Regent University” into the school search box
  3. Regent is a private school — this populates by default
  4. Select whether your courses are entirely online, yes or no
  5. The term type is semester — this populates by default
  6. Select whether you will attend summer courses, yes or no
  7. Enter the number of credit hours you will attend each term
  8. Select what is full time for each term by referring to the training time chart below:
15 week SessionFull time3/4 time1/2 time<1/2 time
Fall, Spring, & Summer terms
Undergraduate level12+9 to 116 to 81 to 3
Graduate level96 to 851 to 3
Law108 or 95 to 71 to 4
Graduate level or Law – Summer64 or 531 or 2
Doctoral level64 or 531 or 2
  1. Manually select “By Unit” next to “Tuition and Fee Cost”
  2. Enter your tuition cost per credit hour by referring to our Tuition Rates [Link to global-level Programs page] (Note: Undergraduate Students can enter $250 per credit hour if active duty or veteran. Graduate/Doctoral Students can reduce their rate by 25% if active duty or veteran or by 15% if a spouse.)
  3. Enter $400 for “Fees by Term” — this is a general estimate/average
  4. Manually select “Yes” for a Yellow Ribbon school
  5. Enter $99,999.99 as the contribution amount per year (Note: Law Students should enter $8,250 per year)
  6. Select yes or no for whether you are active duty (Note: if you are a spouse using a transferred benefit, answer whether your spouse is active duty or not. If you are a child dependent using a transferred benefit, select “No” for active duty.)
  7. Click “Calculate”

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