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Sherry Kosnar, Religious Studies and Education

Sherry Kosnar, US Army Reservist
Sherry Kosnar, U.S. Army Reservist

Reservist, U.S. Army

She has wanted to jump out of airplanes since she was 10. Her passion to become a teacher began even earlier. The United States Army helped her do both. Sherry Kosnar '08 (Education), who served in the Army from 1985–1998, credits the GI Bill® for helping her earn a B.A. in Religious Studies Regent University Campus page will open in a new window and a master's in education Regent University Campus page will open in a new window from Regent.

"The education I received at Regent allowed me to sharpen my skills and make me even more determined to become the best teacher I can be," Kosnar says. "I couldn't have done it without the GI Bill®."

Dr. William Cox, who was director of the master's degree program Kosnar completed, knows firsthand about that determination. "Sherry has a fervor and commitment for educating children matched by few other educators," Cox says. Describing her in military terms, he continues, "Sherry has gone beyond the call of duty to prepare herself for teaching children to honor God and country."

When she has her mind set on doing something, Kosnar is known for doing it. In addition to completing more than 50 marathons and the Rattle Snake 50K in West Virginia, she finished the JFK 50-miler in the mountains near Hagerstown, Md.,—after falling off the backside of a mountain where she broke her arm, injured her knee and had a slight concussion at the halfway point in the race. "I was six minutes behind the lead male when I fell," Kosnar explains. She finished the race as the 13th female overall.

Currently attending the Washington Montessori Institute at Loyola College in Baltimore, Md., to obtain her Primary Montessori certification, Kosnar plans to return to Hampton Roads to teach. It is a profession she undoubtedly will jump into with the same determination she used to run all those marathons and jump out of all those airplanes. And for that, we salute her.

"GI Bill®" is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website at


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