Students can register for courses on GoArmyEd after they receive their admissions decision from the GoArmyEd portal.


Step 1 – Set up GoArmyEd Account

  • Go to
  • Click on New Users and follow directions
  • Once a username & password is assigned, log into the portal

Step 2 – Contact your ACES Counselor to:

  • Complete Annual Statement of Understanding (SOU)
  • Declare Regent University as your “home institution”
  • Declare a degree plan/major

Step 3 – Complete GoArmyEd Common Application*

  • Click on My Virtual Education Center located on the left navigation bar
  • Click on Before You Enroll in a Course
  • Click on Complete/Update Common Application
    • If you do not see your degree of interest listed on the drop down menu, choose “Other” and type in the name of your desired degree/major.
    • Upon completion, your Common Application will be sent to Regent University for processing.

Step 4 – Complete Regent Application Process

  • You will receive an email containing a username and password to log into your Regent application where you can view your checklist of outstanding items and status. A Regent admissions counselor will also be in contact with you.
  • Note: you will not be able to register for courses on GoArmyEd until you receive your admissions decision from the GoArmyEd portal.


*Note: When completing the GoArmyEd Common Application, your degree of interest may not be listed among the choices in the drop down menu. If that is the case, please select “Other” and you will be prompted to type in the degree you wish to pursue. Please use the degree name listed on our website to ensure proper processing of your application.