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Erica Dobbs, Religious Studies, '05, Education and Divinity, '10

Lt. Erica Dobbs, US Navy
Lt. Erica Dobbs, U.S. Navy

Lieutenant, U.S. Navy

Regent alumnus (RSU '05) and graduate student (School of Education and Divinity '10), who was born in Hartwell, Ga., and grew up in Philadelphia, Pa., is a Regent University superstar.

Tell us a little about your military service and what drew you to Regent University.

I am a Lieutenant in the Navy. My specialty is information professional. I have been in the Navy for 27 years. My military experience began as an enlisted sailor where I served for approximately 16 years, at which time I was accepted into the Navy's Limited Duty Officer program. What drew me to Regent was my struggle as a woman in ministry and the obstacles that I faced with regard to the ministerial call that I knew I had upon my life.

Take us back in time. What was your program like in 2003, and what is it like now?

I am a Master of Divinity student in pursuance of a joint degree in Practical Theology and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). When my journey started in undergraduate studies Regent University Campus page will open in a new window many of the classes were offered on campus, and there were only approximately three degree programs available to choose from, at which time, I selected Religious Studies Regent University Campus page will open in a new window. I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies degree Regent University Campus page will open in a new window in 2005. During the fall of 2005, I began my journey towards my Master of Divinity degree Regent University Campus page will open in a new window. This program has changed tremendously. The amount of time in which you have to be on campus has changed for modular as well as the mission of the school. The online program has been revamped with user-friendly technology such as podcasting and the WIMBA [collaborative learning] software tool. Presently, I have two classes left on this particular degree, and I will be done with the entire program in May 2010.

Where has life taken you since enrolling at Regent, and how have you used your Regent University degree to change the world?

My life has changed tremendously since I embarked upon my journey at Regent. Two years ago my husband [also a Navy veteran] planted a church in Virginia Beach. At the onset of my journey, I knew that I had a call upon my life to be a pastor; however, I never dreamed of becoming a church planter. I am so grateful that God called me to Regent for this season of my life as a church planter. The education that I have obtained from this university has been the cornerstone for the success of my quest in ministry. I have utilized my degree to empower individuals spiritually and professionally in America and abroad. As a joint student in divinity and education, I have found that God is opening doors for me to minister to international students by affording me the opportunity to provide them one-on-one tutoring sessions in TESOL. My recent efforts in this area have been extended to an enlisted sailor currently deployed in Afghanistan where I am assisting him with the English language at the collegiate level. I am the founder of the Women of Worth Inc. and CEO of CC Homes—this home has been in operation since 2005. It has served single mothers and single women who are transitioning in their life's journey. My life is an example of Regent's mission to equip and empower Christian leaders to change the world.


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