Services to Patrons with Disabilities

The University Library provides services and assistance to patrons with disabilities in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Reference librarians and reference graduate assistants take primary responsibility for assisting patrons with disabilities. Services include help with using the Library Catalog, databases, Internet, microforms, and other library resources.

As time and staffing allow, reference librarians will retrieve or photocopy one or two items immediately for patrons with disabilities. However, patrons with disabilities are advised to make arrangements with a librarian or personal assistant ahead of time for extended service. If a librarian or graduate assistant is not available, such as when the Reference Desk is closed, Circulation staff may be of assistance to answer basic questions or retrieve one or two items as time allows.

This bibliography of selected resources was prepared for Disability Awareness Day,  April 7, 2010.

Facility Features

  • Doors - The center outside door leading into the building, as well as the inside door leading into the main library, may be opened electronically using a push pad.
  • Drinking Fountain - An accessible fountain with a push bar is located in the vending area, which is to the left as you enter the building.
  • Elevators - There are two public elevators that service the building. The elevator inside the main library provides access to the Library's second floor and the Law Library on the third floor. The elevator in the lobby by the vending area provides access to special collections, the atrium, the library auditorium, and the promenade.
  • Parking - The parking lot located behind the Library contains six marked, wide-access parking spaces. An unobstructed sidewalk leads to the front of the building and an accessible entrance.
  • Ramp - An access ramp is available at the front of the library building.
  • Restrooms - All restrooms in the building have wide access facilities. A specially-designed facility that includes grip bars is also available.

Equipment & Resources

  • Apollo Enlarger - Located on the first floor, this magnifying device enlarges print and handwritten material. There is a guide bar that assists the eye in tracking. It can also be used to enlarge a typewriter keyboard.
  • Study Tables and Carrels - Tables and carrels of various heights are located throughout the Library.
  • Ambassador Reader - This reader converts written text to audible sound.
  • Large Screen Computer - A special computer for the visually impaired is provided near the Reference Desk on the first floor. This computer has an extra large monitor screen, a large-type keyboard and a trackball.

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