Library Login Problems?

If you are having trouble accessing EBSCOHost databases, please clear out your browser's cookies & try accessing it again, before you fill out this form.

Database login problems are generally the result of one of three possibilities:

1. You are a new student or faculty and your information hasn't made it to our system yet. If you are a new student and have registered for classes, it usually takes 2 - 3 business days for our system to catch up. If after a few days, you are still not able to login, please fill in the form below.

2. Sometimes login problems are the result of a password glitch in the system. As you know, your My Regent login ID is used to give you access to every computer service on campus, sometimes the processes that run these services go out of sync. Before you try anything else, you will need to reset your password and try to login again. You can change your password at:

3. The Library system creates a duplicate of your user account. This is relatively rare, but when it does happen the system will give you a "login is not unique" message. This can only be fixed by a select few of the library staff. If you have changed your password and still can not access the databases, please fill in the form below.

***If you have filled out the form and are waiting for our reply, try using our alternate database site:

Please fill this out as completely as possible.

Your name: 
Your Computer:
  If PC:  
Please give us some detail about what you are trying to access and how you are trying to get there.
Have you tried changing your password?
Are you a new student or faculty?
When you began your search, where did you start?

After you submit this form you will be directed to the alternate database page. You may use this until we solve your login problems. Thank you.



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