Libronix Digital Library System
Logos Series X
Getting Started

The Libronix Digital Library/Logos Series X is a powerful digital integrated Christian library resource program.  Regent Library has the Scholar's Library Silver Edition which has an extensive selection of full-text Bibles, the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture series, and Schaff's Ante, Nicene, and Post-Nicene fathers. Other features of the program include hyper-link cross-references, topical browsing, note-taking, and multi-book searching.

Access:  Available on the "Stand-Alone" pc in the Information Commons area.

Special Terms & Functions:  After clicking on the Libronix Digital Library System icon on the desktop, minimize, if necessary, the Inter Varsity Press welcome page. Click on "My Library" at the top left and a master table of contents menu displays listing all resources available. Only bold-font titles are currently available, greyed-out titles are not. You can select how to arrange the display of works: by author, title, or subject. Click on plus or minus to the left of the entries to open and close levels of text material. Click or right-click on a book title and your selection immediately displays in a window on the right side of the screen.

Right-clicking the mouse is a key to working quickly in the Logos program.  Right-click just about anywhere and a short menu of commands displays.  These menu options usually include what you wish to do. 

Help:  Click on "Help" at the top tool bar and select "Libronix DLS Help." 

Sample Search #1: Open the 1 & 2 Thessalonians Commentary by D. Michael Martin by clicking on "1,2 Thessalonians (Martin, D. Michael)" at the top of the "My Library" menu. After the title page displays, scroll down to the start of the Introduction and find the word, "Macedonia." Right click on "Macedonia" and, near the bottom of the box menu, move the cursor to "Selected Text: 'Macedonia.'" A second box menu displays with options to, "Speed Search This Resource," "Speed Search All Open Resources," or "Speed Search All Resources." Click on your choice and results display on a new window screen to the left.

Sample Search #2: To search for all occurrences of a Bible word, open a Bible version such as the New American Standard Bible by selecting the title from the "My Library" menu. Type, "Mark 1:15" in the search box at the top left of the New American Standard Bible display screen. Locate and highlight the phrase, "kingdom of God" in verse 15. Right click on the highlighted phrase and scroll down on the box menu to "Selected Text." A second box menu displays with "kingdom of God" as a search option. Mouse over, "kingdom of God," and a third box menu displays offering three speed search options. Select, "Speed Search This Resource", and the program displays all occurrences of "kingdom of God" in the New American Standard Bible.

PRINTING Right-click the mouse button on the text you wish to print.  Select, "Print," from the menu displayed.

E-MAIL:  Highlight and copy the desired text.  Open any web-based email program in a new browser, and paste the selected text into your email message.

                                                                                                                      RJS 10/08