BibleWorks  7: Getting Started

BibleWorks 7 is a fully interactive Bible concordance and exegesis program with over 115 full-text Bible versions and translations, fourteen original language texts, seventeen Greek and Hebrew lexicons, Bible dictionaries, satellite maps, and thirty other Bible resources.

Access:  Available on the Library "Stand-Alone" pc in the library Information Commons area.

Help:  Use the "Getting Started" videos on the initial "Getting Started" page, or, as you use the program, open "Help" in the top menu.

How to Search:   After clicking on BibleWorks 7, minimize, if necessary, the "Getting Started" window by clicking on the white hyphen at the upper right corner of the window. The main BibleWorks 7 interface displays with three main work windows arranged left to right, in the order you would use them to study the Bible. Begin your study of the Bible with the Search window on the left. This window enables you to locate verses for your study. Once you locate particular verses you can display them in the center Browse window, allowing you to examine each verse in more detail. The Analysis window on the right provides tools for you to analyze individual words that appear in the Browse window verses.

Sample Search #1:   In the left-hand Search window at the top locate the white search box or command line. Locate four small green boxes to the left of the search box. This is the version selection button. Click on the version button and select, "Choose Search Version." Locate and select English - KJV and click on "OK."
If your mouse cursor is not already blinking in the search command box, click inside the box. Type a period then the word, "grace", then press enter on your keyboard. All the O.T. and N.T. verses with the word, "grace", display in the Search window. Scroll down to view all the verses. Mouse-over and click a desired verse and the full-text displays in the center Browse window, with any other versions selected by previous users.

Sample Search #2:With the results from the first sample search displayed in the Search window, click on the citation, "Gen 6:8."
Genesis 6:8 KJV in full-text displays in the center Browse window at the top accompanied possibly by other versions that a previous BibleWorks user has selected. You can add versions by clicking on the down arrow in the small blue box at the top of the Browse window. Mouse-over any of the words in the KJV in the Browse window and Hebrew lexical information displays in the Analysis window. Lexical information is available only in the King James, New American Standard, Hebrew, or Greek versions. Click on "Resource Summary" and then, "Summary", at the top of the Analysis window and links to all the relevant reference works in BibleWorks 7 display. Click on a reference work citation and the corresponding full-text displays.

Printing:   Highlight, copy, and paste desired text into the BibleWorks 7 Editor screen area in the right-hand Analysis window. Click on "Editor" at the top of the Analysis window to open the Editor clipboard area.

Email:   Highlight and copy desired text. Open any Web-based email program in a new browser window, and paste the selected text into an email message.

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