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Study Carrel Policy

Current students (in good standing with the library) may request the use of select carrels, labeled B1-B41, on the second floor of the library for the period of one semester.

Law students are encouraged to reserve carrels in the Law Library.

  • Carrels allow up to a maximum of 25 additional circulating materials that may be checked out for use at the study carrel. See the Circulation Desk to check out all material.
  • Regent Library items checked out to your personal account may also be left in your study carrel. Please ensure that the orange charge slip filled out by a library employee at the circulation desk is visible in the item or the item will be returned to the shelf.
  • Please keep reference books and library journals on the first floor of the library.
  • Remember that Regent University Library cannot be held responsible for any personal items left at the carrel. Please take proper precaution in guarding valuables.
  • Please abide by all food, drink and noise policies that apply to the second floor. This includes ensuring that all study carrels have no visible food left on them when not in use. Any food-type items left on carrel must be out of sight and in a sealed container.
  • The study carrel should be cleared of all personal items and circulating materials by the last day your carrel is reserved, unless you have received confirmation of a renewal. You will receive a reminder notice.
  • One application will be accepted per semester and all applications are subject to approval.

Thank You for your cooperation! If you have any questions or concerns regarding your study carrel, please feel free to contact Christine Payne at (757) 352.4159 or chripa4@regent.edu