Reserves Photocopying Policies

The Library agrees with the concept that "fair use" is the legal right to copy without the permission or payment a limited amount of copyrighted material where the use is reasonable and not unduly harmful to the copyright owner. Please see the Library's Copyright Information page for additional information on copyright and fair use.

The Library Reserves will adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Faculty may place on reserve a single photocopy of any of the following from copyrighted works in the collection or from their personal copy:
    1. Chapter from a book
    2. Article from a journal or newspaper
    3. Short story, short essay or short poem
    4. Chart, graph, diagram, drawing, cartoon or picture from a book, magazine or newspaper
  2. Faculty may place on reserve up to six (6) copies of any of the above if:
    1. the total amount of material is reasonable in relation to the total amount of material assigned for one term of a course, taking into account the nature of the course, its subject matter and level.
    2. the copying meets the cumulative effect test: the copying is made for only one course in the school where the copies are made and not more than one poem, article, story, etc., or two excerpts may be copied from the same author; nor more than three from the same collective work or periodical volume during one class term.
    3. the material copied contains a copy, or handwritten facsimile, of the copyright notice on the first page.
    4. the effect of photocopying the material should not be detrimental to the market for the work. In general, the Library should own at least one copy of the work.
  3. Faculty may place photocopies of copyrighted material on reserve without permission from the copyrighted owner if time does not permit a response. However:
    1. the same copied material cannot be placed on reserve a second quarter unless advance permission has been sought and granted. The permission letter should accompany the materials.
    2. the student may make a copy of the reserve copy for his own use.

In accepting copies for reserve, it will be the understanding of the Library that the copy or copies have been made in compliance with Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Law.