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Computer Lab Policies

Please read our other policies in addition to the Computer Lab policy.

  • The computer labs are reserved for Regent University students, faculty, and staff. Family members, friends, and non-Regent students are not permitted to use the labs. University personnel reserve the right to check student IDs at any time.

  • No food or drink is allowed in the Lab.

  • Log off from your computer as you leave the lab.

  • The workstation areas are to be kept clean when you leave; personal items left in the labs will be discarded.

  • Talk quietly in the labs; do not interfere with the work of other students.

  • The Lab phone is for emergencies or for short, university-related calls only. You may not use them for personal calls.

  • Lab computers and printers are the property of Regent University. Altering computer hardware or software is strictly prohibited. Attempts to alter hardware or software will be subject to University disciplinary action.

  • Computer software is protected by Federal Copyright law. Attempts to make illegal copies of protected software will be dealt with according to Federal Copyright law.

  • Do not rearrange the cables or wiring.

  • Removal of new paper (intended for lab printers) from the Computer Lab is not permitted.