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Information about THEBRANCH

Regent University provides THEBRANCH forum for all users possessing a MyRegent ID. The purpose of THEBRANCH is to supply a medium where users may share prayer requests and personal items for sale. Although THEBRANCH forum is unmoderated, it nonetheless meets the criteria of a Regent University information system. For this reason, all communications transmitted via THEBRANCH are governed by Regent University Policy, specifically the Acceptable Use Policy Link. As noted within the Acceptable Use Policy, it is not permissible to transmit, in any form, material which may constitute intimidating, hostile or offensive material on the basis of sex, gender, race, color, religion, national origin, or disability. Further, Regent University's policy against sexual or other harassment applies fully to information systems, including THEBRANCH.

A few reminders about THEBRANCH:

  1. THEBRANCH is limited to MyRegent ID account-holders only. You must have a MyRegent ID in order to post threads to THEBRANCH.
  2. THEBRANCH is an unmoderated communication service. This means that no person screens threads prior to posting.
  3. THEBRANCH is voluntary. Users participate in THEBRANCH under their own volition and may cease participation at any time.
  4. Regent University prohibits the use of university facilities, including, but not limited to the THEBRANCH, for partisan political purposes. Further information may be found in the Political Activity Link section of the university handbook.
  5. Subscribers may not utilize THEBRANCH to promote personal business ventures including, but not limited to, Avon, Tupperware, Longaberger, handyman services, etc. Further information regarding this provision may be found in the Sales and Solicitation Link section of the university handbook.
  6. Threads posted to THEBRANCH should embody the essence of each forum heading. For instance, Buy & Sell posts should contain personal items for sale, available housing for rent/share, and/or any other transaction that properly fits this category. Likewise with Prayer Requests; posts should only reflect the nature of the category.
  7. As a user of THEBRANCH forum, you accept sole responsibility for threads you author. Further, you agree that Regent University, or its designated representatives, retains no responsibility for content within messages you post via THEBRANCH forum.

Any violation of this policy may be reported to the Information Technology Department at Persons found to have violated this or any policy through actions relating to THEBRANCH will be removed from participation in the forum. Continued noncompliance from users may ultimately lead to the cancelation of THEBRANCH.