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iTunes U Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will I have to pay to access Regent on iTunes U?

You may freely subscribe to and download all of the content from Regent on iTunes U, with the exception of course content, which is only accessible to students enrolled in the course.


How do I access Regent on iTunes U?

First, make sure you have the most current version of iTunes installed on your Mac or PC computer. To download the application, visit

Current Regent students, faculty, and staff can access Regent on iTunes U directly from the MyRegent Portal. Alternatively, you can go directly to Regent's iTunes U public page via


How do I get my content into Regent's iTunes U?

Instructors should use the iTunes U Course Request Form located within the MyRegent Portal to have their courses created in iTunes U. Those iTunes U courses will only be accessible to the students and instructors enrolled in the course.

Faculty can use the Center for Teaching and Learning's state-of-the-art media production services to record high-quality video and audio content for your course.

For all other non-course requests, please contact


Is Regent's content part of the iTunes Music Store?

Soon! We are in the process of adding Regent's iTunes U site to the public iTunes store. You will soon be able to search for and access Regent content directly in the iTunes Store. Look for Regent in the "iTunes U" section.


Is the Regent on iTunes U content under copyright protection?

While we do not implement any digital rights management (DRM) for Regent on iTunes U content, all media is owned and copyrighted by Regent University.


What are podcasts?

"Podcasting" refers to a push delivery technology for downloading digital media files. Pocasting allows users to "subscribe" and automatically download new content from our site via iTunes or any other podcast application.


Where in iTunes is the content I downloaded from Regent on iTunes U?

Content downloaded from Regent on iTunes U goes directly into your media library, and appears in a smart playlist called "Regent University " in the playlists section of the iTunes application.

If you subscribe to Regent content, it will be found in the "Podcasts" section of the iTunes application.


Do I have to use iTunes, iPods, or other Apple products to have access?

You must use iTunes to download content. Apple offers a free Windows and Mac version of iTunes at For those who use another operating system such as Linux or wish to avoid iTunes altogether, you can contact your instructor to see if they can supply you with the RSS podcast feed for use in another podcasting application.

You do not need a Macintosh or an iPod to play the audio files. All you need is a player capable of playing .mp3, or .mp4 AAC (Advanced Audio Codec) files. AAC is not exclusively Apple's format, although Apple prefers it to alternative file formats.


Can I use other .mp3 players with iTunes?

There is moderate support in iTunes for some third-party .mp3 players as well as third-party plugins. You can also listen to content on a computer or burn it to a CD.