Engineering & Computer Science Forum

The Engineering and Computer Science Forum is designed to create an opportunity for students to meet individuals from the local community who are currently involved in cybersecurity and/or active in fields which rely extensively on the use of computers. 

The E&CS Forum series extends the learning begun the classroom by providing an opportunity to continuously expand your knowledge of the field and to develop professionally. This opportunity to engage in what we commonly call “lifelong learning” offers access to a range of issues and approaches to help you reach beyond both the core concepts you explored in your required courses and the narrow boundaries of your own research. At the same time, the Forum provides a chance to enhance your professional skills, particularly in terms of developing professional. Toward these ends, the Forum has two objectives:

  • In line with the Regent mission of preparing Christian leaders for lives of significant purpose and service, these sessions serve to expose our students to current industry trends and developments, and to local opportunities for internships (initially) and employment (eventually).
  • At the same time, the Forums allow representatives of these local organizations to meet our students, and to assess our programs in computer science, cybersecurity, cyber forensics, and mathematics.