Cyber Range

State-of-the-Art Cyberattack Simulation

1-Day Blocks of Training
3-5 Person Teams: Multiple Ranges Available

Select from over a dozen hyper-realistic customizable scenarios for hands-on training for your Security Operations Center (SOC) team or cybersecurity professional on one of the world’s most advanced simulation platforms. Teams of three to five may train on-site or virtually on a single range. Multiple ranges are available for additional teams to train simultaneously. Training is provided in one-day blocks with multiple blocks available. This cyber defense training exposes the trainee to cyberattack scenarios and security breaches to sharpen critical skills in network security operations. The range can simulate large-scale virtual networks and attacks based on real-world incidents. It also can pinpoint system vulnerabilities, and help users develop countermeasures and improved protocols for dealing with cyberattacks on critical network systems.

  • All levels of complexity
  • Fully customizable
  • Supports full virtualization to meet specific training requirements
  • Ideal for businesses, consultancies, and government agencies or military organizations

Regent Cyber Range Highlights

State-of-the-Art Cyber Range by Cyberbit, a world leader in cyber simulation.

Provides four hyper-realistic cyber training and simulation platforms capable of full virtualization.

First university in the U.S. to offer Dell EMC hyper-converged servers powering the largest CyberBit range in the world.


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