Cyber Range

Access the Most Powerful Cyber Technology in the Nation

The Regent Cyber Range, in partnership with Cyberbit Ltd., offers hands-on training programs where participants will acquire the highest level of skills needed in cybersecurity. This leading-edge training hub offers certificate programs for enterprises, consultancies, government and military organizations. Cyberbit Range platform is the world’s leading provider of cybersecurity training and simulation platforms.

Using this realistic training experience, you will be exposed to various attack scenarios and security breaches to improve your hands-on skills. The range can simulate large-scale virtual networks and attacks based on real-world incidents, and can also pinpoint system vulnerabilities and help users develop countermeasures and improved protocols for dealing with cyber attacks on critical network systems. The platform offers numerous security tools and systems, including risk assessment tools, monitoring systems, security information and event management systems, forensic tools and supporting databases, as well as other network, security and cyber components. Explore training programs now.

Regent Cyber Range Highlights

Strategic Partnership with Cyberbit Ltd., one of the nation’s  most powerful cyber training and hyper-realistic simulation platforms. Experience automated real-world attack and defense, and multi-scenario training.

4x Average Size, Multimillion-Dollar Cyber Range. Regent is the first university to install the Dell EMC hyper-converged servers and powers the largest CyberBit-range in the world.

24 State-of-the-Art Cyber Range Workstations built upon industry-leading hardware and software.

Virtualization and Emulation of Any Network Device and Protocol including appliances, SCADA controllers, servers and applications.

Industry Certifications including Cisco, CompTIA, (ISC)² and more.

Certificate Programs, Professional Development and Associate, Bachelor’s & Master’s Degrees to provide ongoing training to security-operations center managers, analysts, engineers, executives, and information security professionals

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