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Dr. Choi Invited to Old Dominion University to Present His Research Work

ODU Presentation
Dr. Young Choi had a chance to present at Old Dominion University (ODU) in Norfolk, Virginia.  He was invited by Prof. Wu He of ODU Information Technology & Decision Sciences Department of Strome College of Business.  He presented about his research, research paradigm, and Cybersecurity initiatives on April 12, 2017.

The presentation was held at VA Rice Room in Webb Center with a luncheon for two hours. Dr. Choi introduced his own research paradigm for the undergraduate students he invented and applied in his teaching and research with his students for more than 15 years, his research interests and major publications, and Cybersecurity Program initiatives.  Faculty members and graduate students of ODU Information Technology & Decision Sciences Department attend his presentation.  Prof. Jackson Shen of Business, Leadership, and Management Department of Regent University also attended the presentation and facilitated academic collaboration between two university scholars.

The presentation was well accepted by the ODU faculty and students and several ideas of expanding future collaborative academic activities between two universities were discussed.    

Reported by
Young Choi
Department of Engineering & Computer Science
College of Arts & Sciences

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