Adaptable Live-Fire Simulation Training™

Deter, Detect and Mitigate Attacks with Our Immersive Live-Fire Cyber Range™

Access unparalleled cybersecurity training adaptable to your skill level and organizational needs. Regent’s immersive learning environment provides the combination of a live-fire scenarios and advanced theory instruction, dramatically accelerating mastery of the skills—using the same enterprise-grade tools found in government and Fortune 500 companies. Trainees will prepare a comprehensive Incident Response (IR) report for delivery to executive leadership and integration into your organizations cyber-defense strategy.

Course Description

Cybersecurity professionals are expected to demonstrate practical cyber defense skills to successfully perform their duties that commercial certifications and cyber degrees don’t necessarily provide. Practical hands-on training with Regent’s state-of-the-art cyber range closes the gap between theory and practice by providing the trainee with the practical experience that translates directly to their roles and responsibilities on the job. To prepare students for success on the range, range scenario training starts with platform and tool orientation before moving into live-fire attack simulations depicting real-world cyber-attacks on traditional IT and Industrial Control System (ICS) networks. Trainees work through increasingly difficult scenarios ranging from Web Defacement and SQL Injection to more sophisticated attacks such as Ransomware and perform investigations using enterprise-grade tools. Develop your cyber proficiency today on a multi-million dollar virtualized range led by world-class instructors with a passion for your success! Contact us to learn more or to schedule adaptable Live-Fire Simulation Training™.

  • Flexible Training Schedules
  • 3-5 Person Teams – Arranged in up to 4 Teaming Pods
  • Adaptable Simulated Real-World Attack Scenarios

Fully virtualized to support global training requirements

Ideal for businesses, consultancies, and government agencies or military organizations

Simulated Attacks in Hyper-Realistic Settings

Live-Fire Cyber Range™ Highlights:

Industry facing multimillion-dollar range featuring hyper-realistic simulation technology and security tools commonly used in government and commercial networks.

20 globally accessible workstations provide state-of-the-art cyber defense training.

Attack simulations depict common real-world cyber attacks occurring on traditional IT and Industrial Control System (ICS) networks.

Facilitated by world-recognized cybersecurity expert trainers ready to help you succeed.

Through Regent’s Institute for Cybersecurity, you will train to strengthen your team’s cyber backbone, ensuring its readiness to pinpoint system vulnerabilities and to develop countermeasures to effectively repel and manage cyberattacks.

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Live-Fire Attack Simulation Training (Cyber Range)
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Week of September 23, 2019