Setting the Standard in Cyber Training & Education

Established in 2016, Regent’s Institute for Cybersecurity is the largest non-profit, university-managed cybersecurity training and education provider in the nation. We’re located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, a major hub for transcontinental communications and home to a growing number of data centers. We’re situated in a dynamic military market close to both Richmond and Washington, D.C., the corridor of forward-thinking cyber development for nonprofits, the military and the public and private sectors.

Regent brings together world-class trainers, as well as faculty and students, who are advancing the burgeoning world of technology as leaders in the fields of cybersecurity, information technology and computer and science.

The institute draws on Regent’s expertise in online learning, innovation and commitment to integrating knowledge and faith to secure information and systems with excellence and integrity.

With a focus on education, knowledge and research—and home to one of the nation’s most powerful cyber ranges—Regent University’s Institute for Cybersecurity is disrupting and transforming the cyber defense industry.