Ph.D. Micah Mattix


Micah Mattix, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, English & Communication Studies


Dr. Mattix is an associate professor of English and currently serves as the English & Communications Studies chair. His research interests include modern and contemporary poetry and fiction, and criticism.

“In my classes, we read texts carefully and take writing with clarity and nuance seriously. In studying great works of literature, we learn about ourselves, our world, and the God who created both. My hope is that students will not only become clearer thinkers as a result but also come to the value of benefit of contemplating the true and the beautiful in their own right,” shares Mattix.

Mattix was born in Spokane, Washington, but spent most of his adult life in the South, minus six years where he lived in Switzerland. He also enjoys watching hockey and the Tour de France, reading, cycling and traveling. He and his wife have four children and two German Shorthaired Pointers.


  • Member, National Book Critics Circle

  • Member, Association of Literary Scholars, Critics and Writers

  • Contributing Editor, The Weekly Standard

  • Young Researcher’s Grant, Swiss National Science Foundation



  • The Soul Is a Stranger in this World: Essays on Poetry and Poets (2019)

  • Frank O’Hara and the Poetics of Saying “I” (2011)

Selected Essays and Articles:

  • “The Permanence and Failure of Surrealism.” New Criterion (2018).

  • “Milton’s Morality.” The Weekly Standard (2018).

  • “1922 and All That.” The Wall Street Journal (2017).

  • “The Poem that Made Picasso Possible” The Wall Street Journal (2016).

  • “Crisis in Conscience.” The Wall Street Journal (2016).

  • “I Wandered around This Glow.” Books and Culture (2015).

  • “The Poet: Companion to the Common Man.” Chronicles Magazine (2015).

  • “Portrait of the Artist as a Caveman.” The New Atlantis 38 (2013): 128-139.

  • “Family Man.” National Review (2013).

  • “Have You Ever Tried to Sell a Poem on Craigslist?” The Atlantic (2013).

  • “Walker Percy's Alternative to Scientism in The Thanatos Syndrome.” Political Companion to Walker Percy. Eds. Peter Lawler and Brian A. Smith. Louisville: University of Kentucky Press (2013): 145-158.

  • “Back to Blood.” The Washington Times (2012).

  • “A True Account?” Pleiades 31.2 (2011).

  • “On Christian Literature.” Comment Magazine (3 December 2010).

  • “Periodization and Difference.” New Literary History 35.4 (2004): 685-697.


National Book Critics Circle

The Weekly Standard, contributing editor

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