M.A. Robert F. Schwarzwalder, Jr.



Before coming to Regent, Schwarzwalder was senior vice president at the Family Research Council for more than seven years, and previously served as chief of staff to two members of Congress. He was also a communications and media aide to a U.S. senator and senior speechwriter for the Hon. Tommy Thompson, secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. For several years, he was director of Communications at the National Association of Manufacturers. While on Capitol Hill, Schwarzwalder served on the staffs of members of both Senate and House Armed Services Committees and the Senate Committee with oversight of federal healthcare policy.

“We can fill our students’ minds with valuable and professionally practical information, and help them learn to evaluate their workplace demands with honesty and thoroughness. We can then send them out ready to be productive employees or entrepreneurs whose eventual financial success will redound to the credit of the university. These are good and honorable things. But unless we also send them out with a recognition that Christianity is true; that Christ is not interested in having a place in our lives but demands and deserves to be Lord of the full circumference of them; and that His priorities and His values should govern how we use our time, knowledge, and energy; then we will have equipped our students only to be capable materialists,” says Schwarzwalder.  

Raised in Washington state, Schwarzwalder lived with his family in the suburban Washington, D.C. area for nearly 25 years until coming to Regent in the summer of 2016. His research interests include theology, politics and history. He has been married to Valerie for 37 years, and they have three children.


Lincoln Fellow in Constitutional Government, 1996-98


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Book Reviews
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Evangelical Theological Society, Member
Custer Battlefield Historical & Museum Association, Member
International Churchill Society, Member

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