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RUBIT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Taking the step to express a concern about someone can evoke mixed feelings. Following are a few questions to explore as you consider your options.

  1. What if I am wrong about the person?
    You are registering a concern based on an observed behavior (e.g., verbal exchange, action, etc.), not making a determination. By alerting the appropriate campus representatives, a safety determination can be made.

  2. Should I approach him/her first?
    As a caring individual, you may desire to reason with or explore the source of thee actions of the person in question. However, based on the threat level, this mentoring approach may not be the best course of action. Always assess the risk. Should you have any concern about your safety or the safety of others, your best course of action for the safety of all involved is to access intervention from people who are trained in these areas.

  3. I don't have a great deal of evidence; should I wait before notifying someone?
    Sometimes we don't have all the evidence. Let the Regent University Behavioral Intervention Team (RUBIT) weigh the information and see if gathering more facts is warranted as a response plan is evaluated. Bring what you have because others may have evidence too.

  4. What will happen to the person who I submit a Concern Report form about?
    Although action will depend upon the situation, the RUBIT will intervene in support of the person of concern, as well as campus safety.

  5. Who has access to this information?
    The RUBIT is the primary responding body at the university. In the event that additional resources need to be mobilized in order to effectively respond to a situation, reported information will be handled discretely.

  6. How long will this Concern Report stay on file?
    The majority of reports will stay on file for six (6) years; however, depending on the situation, some reports may stay on file for a longer period of time.

  7. Will this report adversely affect this person's student or employee status?
    You are doing the right thing in reporting your concerns in support of individuals' and our campus's safety. However, this action may also raise concern for the person(s) involved. The RUBIT takes into account the concerns of the campus, as well as the needs of the student, faculty or staff member about whom concerns are expressed. Whether the overall review of information will adversely affect the person's student or employee status will depend on the situation.

  8. How will I know that the situation has been addressed?
    RUBIT will address every report that is brought to the committee. However, you may not be privy to the outcome of an investigation based on the factors involved.

  9. Will the person be able to find out that I submitted the concern?
    RUBIT will attempt to handle all matters discreetly. We cannot guarantee that the person(s) involved will not be able to figure out the source of the report. However, our intention is not to divulge this information.

  10. Can I submit anonymously?
    You are encouraged to identify yourself because this may assist the RUBIT if clarification or additional information is needed. Submitting your name also gives your report more credence. Anonymous entries will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

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