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Sharon Mitchell, Ph.D. (ABD)
Assistant Professor

Sharon Mitchell, Ph.D. (ABD)


Sharon Mitchell (ABD) is appointed as an adjunct assistant professor for the Regent University School of Divinity. Sharon thrives on the study of God’s Word. She has served in ministry in the church since her teenage years and answered the call to ministry at the age of 20. Ordained in the Baptist tradition, Sharon has committed her life to God’s calling to serve the church in the ministry of teaching. In August 2013, she relocated from Elizabeth, New Jersey to Virginia to attend Regent University where she later achieved her Master of Divinity Degree. Sharon is presently completing her dissertation at Regent University for a Ph.D. in Theological Studies and is a recent recipient of a national student scholarship by the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS). She is writing on the Biblical Presence of the Trinity through the Speech Event as she answers the research question: “How God is both One and Triune”.

Areas of Research & Supervision

Theology and Exegesis of the Gospel of John
The Hermeneutics of Parable Interpretation
Echoes of the Old Testament in the New
Theories on the Trinity
Harmony of the Gospels