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David A. Quackenbos, Ph.D.

David A. Quackenbos, Ph.D.


Dr. David Quackenbos teaches a variety of courses in Old Testament and New Testament studies, hermeneutics and theology. He has over 10 years of teaching experience at universities, colleges and seminaries in the Hampton Roads and Raleigh areas. Quackenbos holds a B.A. from Duke University and an M.A. in History from Old Dominion University. His theological education includes an M.Div., M.A. in Old Testament Studies and a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina. In his dissertation, “Recovering an Ancient Tradition: Toward an Understanding of Hezekiah as the Author of Ecclesiastes,” he examined the biblical evidence to support an ancient claim that King Hezekiah wrote the book.

In 2012, Quackenbos was awarded the John and G. Henton Davies Award, given to the M.A. (Old Testament) student with the highest potential for a career in teaching Old Testament and Hebrew. His research interests include Ecclesiastes, Esther, OT canon formation, OT and whole Bible theology, and the formation of the gospels.

Before his teaching career, Quackenbos served as a United States naval intelligence officer, retiring at the rank of commander after 20 years on active duty. He served at various afloat and staff positions as a division/department head. His favorite tour was at the Pentagon, where he was an intelligence briefer in the Navy Command Center, giving daily intelligence updates to the Chief of Naval Operations, Secretary of the Navy, and other senior military officers. Quackenbos lives in Chesapeake with his wife Barbara. He teaches a life group at his church. His hobbies and interests include visiting national historic sites, reading American history, crabbing, going to the beach (especially the Outer Banks), working out, and hanging out with his grandchildren.


The Book of Ecclesiastes
The Book of Esther
Old Testament Theology & Canon Formation
The Synoptic Gospels
The Book of Hebrews