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John-Paul Lotz, Ph.D.

John-Paul Lotz, Ph.D.


Dr. John-Paul Lotz grew up in Zurich, Switzerland, the son of missionary parents. He studied at the Universities of Richmond, Muenster, Samford, Vienna, and Cambridge. Lotz lived and taught in higher education in Europe for almost 20 years, where he also pastored. He has resided in the United States since 2005. His particular field of specialization is patristics, but he teaches the breadth of Church History from the ancient to the modern church. Lotz’s other areas of interest include New Testament Apocrypha and the history of ideas as they pertain to biblical and historical theology. He serves as senior pastor at Courtland Baptist Church in Courtland, VA. Lotz and his wife home-educate their six children.

Research Interests

Translation of Ulrich Wilckens New Testament Theology
New Testament Apocrycha
Apostolic Fathers
Theological History of Pastoring - From Paul to Theodore of Tarsus


Book Chapter
"I Was Doing My Part, Therefore, As a Man Set On Unity": Ignatius of Antioch and The Unity of The Church in Byers, Barton, eds., One God, One People: Oneness, Unity, and Christian Origins (SBL Press, 2020)

(Forthcoming) Ulrich Wilckens, Theology of the New Testament (Eerdman's: Grand Rapids, MI, 2020)

Ignatius and Concord: The Background and Use of the Language of Concord in the Letters of Ignatius of Antioch, (New York: Peter Lang, 2007)