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Elizabeth T. Parker, Ph.D.
Assistant ProfessorEnglish Department757.352.4615

Elizabeth T. Parker, Ph.D.


Dr. Elizabeth T. Parker holds her B.A. in English from Mississippi College, M.A. in English and Ph.D. in Literature & Religion from Baylor University. Before coming to Regent in 2022, she taught at Asbury University, Baylor University and the University of Kentucky. Her pedagogy prioritizes the Christian university classroom as a site of moral and spiritual formation where “the practices and habits of learning are contiguous with the liturgical life and work of the church” (“A Symposium on Teaching Virtue”).

Parker’s research focuses on the intersection of beauty and religion in 19-century British poetry, and her current book project, Holy Spirit, Holy Dove: An Ecotheology of Birds in Victorian Poetics, asks how the literary forms of religious devotion shape Victorian writers’ theologies of creation. More generally, she’s interested in how orthodox Christian belief operates as a vibrant aesthetic force in literary history.

Parker and her husband, Seth, have one daughter and live in Virginia Beach. They follow Wendell Berry’s injunction to “practice resurrection” by praying, gardening, walking, and reading together.


  • Current book project: Holy Spirit, Holy Dove: An Ecotheology of Birds in Victorian Poetics
  • “Mark Twain Corrects the Bible: Fiction, Biblical Literalism, and Abolition”; Mark Twain Journal, Fall 2021.
  • “Hideousness Revisited,” a response to an article on Brideshead Revisited by Tara Isabella Burton; Earth and Altar, 14 June 2021.
  • The Face of the Deep” and “Time Flies,Palgrave Encyclopedia of Victorian Women’s Writing, edited by Dr. Lesa Scholl. Palgrave, 2019.
  • “‘The Intolerable Compliment’: Desire and Love in the Chronicles of Narnia” in The Christian Mind of C.S. Lewis, edited by Dr. Andrew J. Spencer. Wipf and Stock, 2019.
  • Co-author of “A Symposium on Teaching Virtue: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Pedagogy, Liturgy, and Moral Formation”; International Journal of Christianity and Education, 2019.


North American Victorian Studies Association, Conference on Christianity and Literature, British Association of Victorian Studies


  • Summer Dissertation Fellowship recipient, Baylor University Graduate School, 2020.
  • Travel Grant for the University of Victoria Digital Humanities Summer Institute; Baylor University English Department, 2018.
  • Travel Grant for the British Association of Victorian Studies Conference, Exeter, UK; Baylor University Graduate School and English Department, 2018.
  • Collmer Research Fellowship, Baylor University English Department, 2018.
  • Stones of Venice Grant, Ruskin Library, 2018.
  • Baylor University Conyers Scholar, 2017-18.

Research Interests

Devotional prose and poetry, theological aesthetics, literature and ecology, higher education pedagogy