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Dana J. Cavallaro, D.Min.

Dana J. Cavallaro, D.Min.


Dr. Dana Cavallaro has been in teaching and pastoral ministry since 1980. She is an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God, a graduate of Evangel University, and Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary where she received an M.Div. with emphasis in Urban Studies. Upon graduating from Regent University with a D. Min. in Transformational Leadership, Cavallaro was presented the Award of Excellence and the Leadership and Renewal Award. She is known for her extensive experience in pastoral ministry and brings to the teaching team a seasoned understanding of the dynamics of women in ministry. She focuses on practical theology and, in particular, pastoral ministry and counseling, as well as spiritual formation related classes.

She is active in her local church, counseling and mentoring women. She currently resides in Norfolk, VA with her husband and two sons.


Mitigating the Effects of Toxic Shame
Creating a Culture of Honor
Pastoral Longevity & Succession
Restoring Wounded Pastors
Communicating God’s Word in a Digital Age