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General Information

Purpose of the Events Calendar

The purpose of the Events Calendar is to provide a single resource for information on Regent University related events.

Note: Events that are not affiliated with Regent University will not be published.

Events Calendar Viewing Options

There are three viewing options: day, week and month. These are selectable with the links directly under the calendar image. The day view, which is the default view, displays the events for the currently selected day. The week view displays the events in a 7-day span starting with the currently selected day. The month view displays the events for the month in which the currently selected day falls. It is easy to navigate to the previous or next day/week/month by using the left and right arrow buttons in the title area of the main calendar page. The currently selected day may be changed by clicking on any date on the calendar image.

Searching the Events Calendar

The calendar may be searched by keyword(s), audience and category. All searches are limited to the selected calendar view (day/week/month). Keyword searches will display events that have one or more of the entered keywords in the title, description or location. Enter multiple keywords with a space between each keyword. Audience searches will display events tagged for the selected audience as well as events that are open to everyone. Category searches will display events tagged with one or more of the selected categories. These search criteria may be used concurrently in any combination.

Viewing Event Details

To view the details of any event, simply click the event title on the main calendar page.

Submitting Events to the Calendar

To submit events to the calendar, use the "Submit an Event" button on the main calendar page. An active Regent account is required to submit events. Once submitted, it may take up to 4 business days for the approved event to display on the calendar.

Student Organizations must obtain approval for an event from the Office of Student Activities & Leadership by completing the Application for Special Event By A Student Organization before the event can be published on the University Events Calendar.