Learn about hotels located close to Regent University, Virginia Beach, and their special rates.

Area Hotels

The following is a list of Hampton Roads hotels located within close proximity to Regent University. Follow the links for each hotel to take advantage of the special rates that have been extended to the Regent University community.

Area Hotels Local Numbers Toll Free Numbers Promotion Code
The Founders Inn 757.424.5511 1.800.926.4466 Reg
Comfort Suites 757.420.1600 1.877.424.6423 LREGNT Rate
Extended Stay Hotels 757.473.9200 1.800.398.9200 Regent U
Fairfield Inn 757.420.1300 1.800.228.9290 U79
Delta by Marriott Chesapeake 757.523.1500 1.888.245.2617 U79
Towne Place Suites 757.523.5004 1.800.228.9290 U79
Aloft Chesapeake 757.410.9562 1.877.GO ALOFT Booking Link ยป


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