Rebecca Hope Le, Ph.D., RN, IBCLC

Adjunct, School of Nursing


Rebecca Hope Le's journey into nursing and teaching began with her international mission work in 1992. Today, the work has led her to countries such as Mexico, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Korea, Vietnam, and Uganda. During these trips, she has performed a variety of services, including assisting in opening medical clinics, conducting health education programs, and providing childcare training in orphanages. Working with orphans sparked Rebecca's passion for children, which led to her work as a pregnancy crisis counselor and nurse in high-risk labor and delivery units. She recently co-founded a pregnancy help organization named The Cottage, which includes a maternity home, two mobile units for pregnancy test and ultrasound, and a baby boutique. Nursing students have had the benefit of serving in these clinics and learning pro-life counseling techniques.

Rebecca's passion for healthcare and education naturally led to her work as a nursing faculty, administrator, and researcher. As the Dean of Nursing at OKWU School of Nursing, she developed the Nursing Missions Course, led the BSN program through CCNE accreditation visits, initiated the online BSN program, and was honored as the "Best Dean in the World" by the OKWU Student and Graduate Class of 2014. As a nursing professor, Rebecca has taught a variety of nursing classes, including, nursing orientation, mental health clinics, and nursing informatics. Finally, as a nursing researcher, she has presented at the Jean Watson Caritas Consortium South Africa (2015) and the OCU Center for Educational Effectiveness (2015). As a nurse, educator, administrator, and mission worker, Rebecca has been blessed with opportunities to improve the lives of people around the world – and she looks forward to many more chances to follow her passion and serve others.

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