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Orientation Captains


A person’s ability to lead others stems from within. We are looking for candidates with the head, heart, hands, and feet of a servant leader, including but not limited to the following characteristics:

  • A good understanding of and strong commitment to the mission and vision of Regent University and specifically the College of Arts & Sciences
  • A true heart for self-sacrificial service to others and an innate desire to coach and encourage others to reach their full potential
  • Positive attitude, flexibility, problem-solving, and excellent interpersonal skills
  • Self-motivation and able to work efficiently and effectively on a team and independently
Orientation Captains at Regent University.


The primary role of an Orientation Captain (OC) is to support the orientation professional staff and support the Orientation leaders. Successful OCs will do so in the following ways:

  • Availability – Several discussions with orientation staff prior to the event week; during the entire orientation as well as all training activities; serve as alternate OL if the need arises
  • Training – Assist in developing the OL training schedule and presenting content; plan team building exercises, OC Times, and other group activities for OL Training; answer questions and provide advice to OLs before, during and even after the events
  • Encouragement – Serve as a positive role model to the OLs, exhibiting great work ethic and setting high standards; build and encourage team mentality in order to maintain OL’s enthusiasm and ensure their participation at all orientation events; encourage, support and mentor the OLs before, during and after the orientation experience; assist OLs in encouraging and supporting the new students where needed
  • Evaluation and tradition – Evaluate the OLs with a provided rubric; provide critical feedback to improve future orientations; choose the OL MVP for the event and craft the recognition item for chosen OL; actively consider new orientation traditions
Orientation Captains at Regent University, Virginia Beach.


Orientation Captains must:

  • Have earned a minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA after 12 credit hours in a degree program at Regent at the time of application and be in good financial and disciplinary standing with the University.
  • Submit one letter of recommendation (letters accepted from former or current employers, pastors, Regent’s faculty, staff, Life Group Leaders, or Resident Assistants); not required for returning OLs.
  • Provide documentation of your ability to work in the United States (see page 9 of this pdf for acceptable documentation).
  • Be (or have been) actively involved in other student leadership roles, with student organizations, or with other Regent entities.
An Orientation Captain at Regent University, Virginia Beach.