Regent University offers a homeland security minor online and in Virginia Beach, VA 23464.

Minor – Homeland & International Security

College of Arts & Sciences

Students choosing the Minor in Homeland & International Security must take:

CRJU 370 Homeland Security (3)

CRJU 380 Domestic and International Terrorism (3)

GOVT 304 International Relations (3)

GOVT 340 Foreign Policy and Administration (3)

Plus one (1) course from the following:

CRJU 280 Criminal Investigation (3)

GOVT 305 Contemporary Global Issues (3)

ISYS 204 Introduction to Information Systems* (3)

ISYS 331 Information Systems Security* (3)

ISYS 333 Systems Security* (3)

ISYS 436 Contingency Planning and Disaster Recovery* (3)

(*) Pre-requisites for these courses may be waived solely for students completing the minor, conditional upon departmental approval.

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