B.S. in Cybersecurity

Delivery Format: Online | On Campus

Total Credit Hours Required: 120+

Approved Degree Plan: Click to download PDF

The Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity degree, offered online and on campus in Virginia Beach, prepares you to begin or advance your technology and network security career in government, military, private, public and nonprofit sectors. Taught from a Christian perspective, our cybersecurity degree will teach you to create and execute a digital security strategy that supports and defends data resources managed by your employer. 

  • Analyze cybersecurity threats, trends and strategies.
  • Explore cybersecurity principles, methods and tools that aid in the defense of cyberattacks.
  • Discover how to decrease system vulnerabilities through integrated security technologies.
  • Learn how homeland security is integrating a strong cyber workforce to protect the nation's networks.

Explore our Institute for Cybersecurity.

Career Opportunities

  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Networks & Systems Engineer
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Digital Forensics Specialist
  • Cyber Risk Manager
  • Network Applications Supervisor
  • Intelligence Investigator

Admission requirements vary based on the stage you're at in life. Select a link below to learn how to apply.

College of Arts & Sciences 2018-19 Tuition Rates

Program Type


On-Campus Student

  • 12-18 credit hours per semester
  • Under 12 credit hours
  • Over 18 credit hours


  • $8,490 (block rate)
  • $595/credit hour
  • $566/credit hour

Online Student (enrolled in 8-week classes)

  • Full-time (12* credit hours)
  • Part-time (6* credit hours)

*Average number of credits per semester.


  • $395/credit hour
  • $425/credit hour

RN to B.S. in Nursing Tuition

  • $295/credit hour


Student Fees




Application Fee (On-Campus & Evening/Online Students)



One-time fee, nonrefundable

Enrollment Deposit (On-Campus Students)

Enrollment Deposit (Evening/Online Students)



Fee is deducted from tuition costs

Graduation Fee (On-Campus & Evening/Online Students)


One-time fee upon submission of graduation application

University Services Fee (On-Campus Students)

University Services Fee (Online Students)



Contributes to university academic and administrative operations


Optional Fees


Late Payment


Incurred per session in the event of late tuition payment

Course Fees

$70-200 per course

Some courses in theater, animation, cinema television or science labs carry an additional fee

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