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Regent University, Virginia Beach, helps students to explore scholarships and other options for college funding.

Admission Expectations

We are excited about your interest in attending Regent University, and we are here to assist you with the admissions process. When you apply to the College of Arts & Sciences, your application will be reviewed by an admissions committee that will conduct an extensive review of your application package once all of your application materials are received. Students who have completed one of the following requirements are invited to apply for admission:

  • Successful achievement of a high school diploma
  • Passing grade on the General Equivalency Diploma (GED) test

For high school juniors and seniors, we look at your academic qualifications, high school curriculum and test scores; for adult learners who are looking to begin a degree or return to the classroom after some time away, we place more emphasis on life and professional experience. Explore the information below to learn more traits of successful students.

student has less than 15 transferable college credits

Because of our emphasis on academic quality, we require that students be well-prepared for the rigor of our academic programs but we do not exclude or discourage applicants based on GPA, class rank, test scores or any other single academic qualification.

The best qualified students normally have taken a high school curriculum consisting of the following*:

English4 Units
Mathematics3 Units (Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II)
Science3 Units
Social Sciences3 Units (World History, U.S. History, U.S. Government)

First-year traditional campus students who enrolled at Regent University in Fall 2017 had a mid-range SAT score of 950 to 1180, a mid-range ACT score of 19 to 26 and a cumulative high school GPA of 3.48.

*Although this credit breakdown is typical for most high schools, please refer to your state’s core curriculum requirements for high school diplomas.

Students must demonstrate through their admissions package that they are well-prepared for the rigor of our academic programs because of our strong emphasis on academic quality.

Our admission committee is also interested in reviewing what you have accomplished since high school when evaluating your potential for admission, since it may have been some time since you attended high school. A résumé that shows job stability, advancement, and positions that require an individual to understand complex ideas and articulate them to others have the best chance for acceptance.

If you are unsure about your prospects of being accepted, you can discuss your background with one of our admissions counselors. They are available Monday through Thursday from 8 am to 8 pm, ET, and Fridays 8 am to 5 pm. Call them toll free at 888-718-1222.

We are excited about your desire to transfer to Regent University!  With our flexible transfer options, we accept credit from a number of sources and count them toward your degree.

Regent University will consider the following transfer credits:

  • College-level work completed at other regionally accredited colleges and universities
  • College-level work completed at TRACS or ABHE accredited colleges
  • Credit earned through approved entrance level examinations (i.e., CLEP/DANTES/PLA)
  • Credits from other institutions of higher learning with whom Regent has an articulation agreement
  • A score of 3 or higher on high school Advanced Placement exams

Experiential credit (more information)