Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Program

Regent University recognizes that learning takes place inside and outside of college classrooms. The College of Arts & Sciences offers college credit for demonstrable college level learning—either knowledge or skills—acquired through such sources as the following:

  • Training programs, seminars, workshops, non-credit courses or in-service courses
  • Military service
  • Licenses, certificates and awards for special competencies
  • Community activities

Students may pursue up to twenty-four hours of credit on a Pass/Fail basis through the PLA program through a careful process of documenting the knowledge and skills gained through prior learning. To document such learning, students are required to prepare a comprehensive portfolio according to specific instructions including substantial evidence of such learning.

Due to the length of time needed to complete and evaluate a PLA portfolio, this program is open to admitted degree-seeking undergraduate students at Regent within the College of Arts & Sciences and is designed to assist students in earning credits toward fulfilling degree requirements.

Students should be aware that although they may have earned particular certifications outside of a traditional classroom within a specific discipline, academic credit may not always be awarded when university standards are applied. Any earned credits will be posted to the student’s academic record in the semester in which credit is awarded and are non-transferable. Credits earned through the PLA program cannot be duplicated through any other mechanism for earning credit.


There is a $125 fee due at time of PLA portfolio submission. This fee covers one portfolio submission within a single academic discipline and permits potential credit awarding for up to 3 courses (9 total credit hours).

Next Steps

Complete the PLA Self-Assessment to determine if Prior Learning Assessment fits your academic journey and your learning style. Once you complete the survey, a member of our PLA team will be in contact with you regarding the results of your survey and applicable next steps, which may include a formal application to the PLA program. If asked to apply for PLA, students will be required to provide documentation of their prior learning, to include:

  • Course for which student is seeking credit
  • Description of the nature and context of requested prior learning credit
  • Framework for how knowledge will be demonstrated
  • Other documentation as requested by PLA Program

Once the formal application has been received, the PLA team will work with faculty to determine the feasibility of acceptance and successful completion. If a PLA proposal/application is approved, students will be informed of their next steps.

Who should I contact with questions?

Prior Learning Assessment Program


Regent University College of Arts & Sciences

1000 Regent University Drive

Virginia Beach, VA 23464