Faculty Resources

Refer a Student

Before utilizing the Advise Alert system to refer a student, please communicate with the student as to why you are referring them and what areas they need help improving. While we send out a generic email to all students who are recommended, it is much more effective for the faculty member to contact the student before they submit the recommendation.

Refer a Group of Students

If you are referring multiple students for the same issue or assignment, you do not have to use the Advise Alert system for each student. Simply email a list of students along with the details of the assignment to the Writing Lab (writing@regent.edu) or Math Lab (mathtutor@regent.edu) using the subject "Student Recommendations." If you have any special instructions or requirements, please indicate this in the email.

Class Visits

Professors can request a class visit from a Writing or Math representative to come and give a short presentation detailing the services provided to on-campus and online students. Class visits can occur in-person or online through Blackboard Collaborate. Oftentimes, students are unaware of all the services available to them or do not know how to access said services. In our experience, students are more likely to schedule appointments or view online resources that assist them with their coursework after meeting a representative.