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What Legacy Does George H.W. Bush Leave?

What Legacy Does George H.W. Bush Leave? December 6, 2018

Center for Christian Thought & Action Director, Rob Schwarzwalder

From the time he was 18 years old, George H.W. Bush was a man of service. He became known as the youngest naval aviator and, of course, the 41st U.S. President.

His death on November 30, 2018, marked the passing of a beloved American leader.

Director of Regent University’s Center for Christian Thought & Action, Rob Schwarzwalder, served in the administration of George W. Bush’s presidency. He shares his reflections on the legacy that his father leaves behind:

“[George H.W. Bush] is one of the rare Americans who brought statecraft and statesmanship to public office and political life…His goal was to serve, to be a public servant in the highest tradition of American life.”

“[George H.W. Bush] was a man who enjoyed people, told wonderful jokes, and had a good time in life. He understood the gravity of his position and understood how to treat people with the decency and the dignity they deserve as image-bearers of God and as fellow citizens of the same great country.”