Combination – B.S. in Business & MBA

Through Regent University's dual MBA program, you could earn your Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Business while gaining graduate-level course credit toward your Master of Business Administration (MBA). Through this dual MBA program, you'll complete all the required hours toward your B.S. with four courses counting toward your master's. If you're exploring MBA combined programs, consider this option.

  • Enter the master’s program with master’s credit and/or advance standing.
  • Save money by earning two degrees more quickly. 
  • Enter the job market sooner and with the credential that could help you advance in your career faster.

The following undergraduate courses (6 credits), with additional coursework, will be counted toward MBA concentration requirements:

  • MGMT 280 Principles of Management (3)
  • MGMT 370 Managerial Decision-Making (3)

The following graduate courses (6 credits) will be counted toward B.S. in Business elective course requirements:

  • MBA 600 Corporate & Personal Ethics (3)
  • MBA 621 Innovation & Technological Success (3)

University Advising will automatically help you receive advanced standing for these courses, provided certain GPA standards are met. Students must work with their academic advisor on selecting their remaining elective courses. See "Other" tab for details. 


Delivery Format: Online | On Campus

Total Credit Hours Required: 120 for B.S.

Approved Degree Plan: Click to download PDF

Admission requirements for the MBA combined programs vary based on the stage you're at in life. Select a link below to learn how to apply.

If you're exploring dual bachelor and master's degree programs offered online and on campus, consider this option.

College of Arts & Sciences Tuition Rates

Program Type



  • 12-18 credit hours per semester
  • Less than 12 credit hours

Sessions E and F, 2017

  • $7,950 (over 18 credits hours add $530/credit hour)
  • $530/credit hour

From Session A, 2017

  • $8,325 (over 18 credits hours add $555/credit hour)
  • $555/credit hour

Evening/Online (8-week classes)

$395/credit hour

Professional Development/Non-degree

$250/credit hour

Early College

$155/credit hour


Student Fees




Application Fee(On-Campus & Evening/Online Students)



One-time fee, non-refundable

Enrollment DepositOn-Campus Students

Enrollment DepositEvening/Online Students



Fee is deducted from tuition costs

Graduation Fee (On-Campus & Evening/Online Students)


One-time fee upon submission of graduation application

Technology Fee (On-Campus, Evening/Online, and Professional Development Students)


Supports information technology

Undergrad Support Fee (On-Campus, Evening/Online, and Professional Development Students)


Contributes to undergraduate academic and administrative operations

Undergraduate Student Activity Fee (On-Campus Students only)

$100/Term, Fall & Spring only

Contributes to undergraduate student activity operations

Health Center Fee (On-Campus Students only)

$45/Semester, Fall & Spring only

Contributes to health center for students living on campus

Parking Fee (On-Campus and Early College Students)


Applies to students desiring to park their vehicles on campus

New Student Programming Fee


One-time fee applied to all incoming students


Optional Fees


Late Payment


Incurred per session, in the event of late tuition payment

Late Registration


Incurred per session, in the event of late registration

Course Fees

$70-200 per course

Some courses in theater, animation, cinema television or science labs carry an additional fee


Show the list of all course fees.

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  • To participate in a bachelors and master's degree combined program, an undergraduate student must normally submit an application to the appropriate Regent graduate school during his or her junior year.
  • Students pursuing the B.S. in Business and MBA must select the General Management concentration.
  • Students pursuing the B.A. in Leadership Studies and M.A. in Organizational Leadership must select the Interdisciplinary Studies concentration.
  • Combined B.S./MBA courses must be completed with a grade of B or higher, and you must maintain an overall GPA of 3.00 or higher within the undergraduate degree.
  • You must complete your bachelor’s degree at Regent University.


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