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For those students who prefer to live off-campus, the Hampton Roads area offers a wide spectrum of housing options in the cities of Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and Norfolk. Below are a few resources to assist you in your search.


In addition to our listing of local apartment complexes, other websites that provide extensive listings of apartments in the area are:

Learn more about renting your first apartment.

Private-owner Listings

The Office of Residence Life provides an off-campus referral service that includes listings of individual rooms, apartments, townhouses and houses for rent. Only Regent/CBN employees can post listings. To view these listings, click here (MyRegent ID and password is required).


The information provided on this site is solely for the convenience of Regent students. The fact that a premise is listed should not be considered as a recommendation or endorsement on the part of Regent University. The listings have not been inspected by Regent University nor have any steps or investigations been undertaken to confirm the accuracy of the information provided, nor the suitability of the accommodations for residential purposes.

It is the responsibility of the student to contact the landlord directly. Regent University highly recommends a personal inspection of the premises and a thorough review of all arrangements with the landlord. Any student who does not feel qualified to entertain these investigations should seek parental advice or professional assistance. Students are also warned that as tenants they may potentially incur risks which expose them to personal liability as occupiers of property. All students are encouraged to review the issue of insurance with their landlord and/or their own insurance agents.

Regent University assumes no responsibility in respect of the condition of the premises in question, the lease terms negotiated with the landlord, nor any other matter related to the leasing of the premises.