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Intent to Vacate Notice

This form is intended for use only by graduate and non-traditional undergraduate (25 years old or older and/or married and/or with children) students assigned to Regent Village.

This form is not for use by traditional-age undergraduate students (24 years old or younger/single/no children) residing in Regent Commons or Regent Village as their on-campus housing agreement is for the academic year term (mid/late August through early May) and will automatically terminate in early May (date contingent upon a given academic year's calendar).


  • For the May 31st or July 31st student housing agreement, notice is due
    February 28th.
  • For the December 31st student housing agreement, notice is due October 8th.
First and Last Name:
Email Address:
Telephone Number:
Building #:
Student Housing Assignment #:
Date To Vacate
(May 31st or July 31st):
(by noon)
New Address:
Zip Code:
New Telephone #:
(We must have a complete address to send your housing deposit refund, which will be available within 30 days after the end of your student housing contract.)

Reason for Vacating/Transferring: Graduation
If Other, Please Explain:

"I realize that this notice to vacate is binding and that the Office of Residence Life will assign a new resident to my vacated on-campus student housing assignment immediately after my date to vacate. I agree to clean my student housing assignment according to the instructions given to me by the Office of Residence Life and turn in all of my keys by noon on my vacate date. I also understand that I am responsible for my student housing fees, as identified in my student housing contract, until the completion of my student housing contract."


For all student residents assigned in a Regent Village on-campus student housing assignment: I, , will clean my student housing assignment according to the guidelines of the move-out packet.
Roommate Names (if applicable):

Per the terms and conditions of the On-Campus Student Housing Agreement, the Office of Residence Life will schedule professional carpet cleaning in a student's vacated Regent Village housing assignment. Regent Village residents can expect a $100-$150 carpet cleaning charge (dependent upon the condition of the carpet) to be deducted from their housing deposit when carpet cleaning is required. If carpet cleaning is not deemed necessary in a housing assignment then no carpet cleaning will be assessed.