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Summer 2013 S.O.E Residency Housing Request Form

This form is exclusively for Regent University students participating in the School of Education continuing education program during summer 2014. The final deadline to submit this form for Residency housing is Friday, May 30, 2014.

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Residency Housing Request
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  3. Summer 2014 Residency housing for School of Education continuing education students will be available in the Regent Commons residence halls located on the campus of Regent University. The cost for summer residency housing can be found below:

    Single Studio (single occupancy - no roommates) $40/person/night

    Double One-Bedroom (double occupancy - 1 roommate) $40/person/night

    Four Bedroom Suite (4 rooms, 3 other roommates - NO spouses) $40/person/night

    (*Please be aware that NO children of any age will be permitted to stay within residency student housing, under any circumstances)

    For a virtual tour of the Regent Commons please visit the following hyperlink:

    For floor plans of the rooms in the Regent Commons please visit the hyperlink below (note that only the single (listed as double) occupancy studio, double occupancy one bedroom & four bedroom suites will be available for summer residency housing):

    Summer Residency Housing Assignment Preference - Please note that while every effort is made to honor each student's housing preference Student Housing cannot guarantee each student will be assigned their top preference. In the boxes below please select a "1" next to the student/applicant's first choice, a "2" next to the student/applicant's second choice, and a "3" next to the student/applicant's third choice:

  4. Roommate Request

    Is there another student that you would like to request to room with? (Please note that all students wishing to room together must officially request each other on each of their request forms before any consideration can be made):