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Village Community Room Reservations

Submitting a Community Room reservation request DOES NOT confirm that the room will be reserved for you. Once you receive an email and/or telephone call from the Village Office, your reservation will be confirmed.

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Community Room Guidelines & Information:
  • ONLY ONE RESERVATION PER FORM. A reservation form MUST be completed for each day you are requesting to reserve the Community Room. The Community Room can be reserved for residents, students and faculty only.
  • No reservations for the Community Room will be made before 8:30am or after 8:30pm unless approved by the Director or Area Director.
  • There is a broom and dustpan kept in the kitchen for your use. PLEASE REMOVE YOUR GARBAGE.
  • You will need to bring your own cleaning supplies.
  • The temperature is appropriately set in the Community Room. Please do not open the windows, but if you must, please close them before leaving.
  • All chairs should be folded and returned to the chair stand after use.
  • All wall hangings and window treatments should be left in their place and never have anything hanging on them.
  • Never use thumbtacks in the walls. If you use tape on the walls, please remove it.
  • Wipe down: tables, kitchen counters, refrigerator and sink after use. Do not leave dishes in the sink.
  • Make sure the Community Room door is locked after you use it. Keys can be dropped off in the mail slot on the Student Housing office door.
Student Housing Resident Release Statement
I understand that the Community Room is to be left in satisfactory condition and that it is my responsibility to sweep the floor, wipe off tables, empty trash, etc. If for any reason, the Community Room is found not clean I will be charged a $75 cleaning fee. If I do not return the key within 24 hours I will be charged a $50 key fee. I give the Regent Village Office permission to bill my account for the necessary charges.

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