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Cox Cable TV and High Speed Internet

Cox Communications provides the wireless /wired internet and expanded cable TV for the Regent Commons residents.

Cable TV - Each room is outfitted with a cable TV outlet. For the current cable TV lineup, please check the basic and expanded channels here. Additional cable TV services can be added to each room by calling cox communications at 757.224.1111.

Internet Access - Each apartment has one wired jack and wireless internet service. Starting the Fall 2014, basic URL filtering will be applied to the Regent Commons internet traffic.

Game Consoles - Game consoles can connect to the wired or wireless (SSID: Regent_Resnet). If you are having any issues using the standard Internet service contact the IT helpdesk at 757-352-4076.

Technical Support - For any cable TV technical issues, please call Cox Communications at 757.224.1111. For any internet related technical issues, please call the Regent Commons internet support line at 1.877.627.5656.