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Commons Frequently Asked Questions

1) How soon can I apply for housing?

2) What are the qualifications for living in Student Housing?

3) Are utilities included?

4) Are families with children eligible for Student Housing?

5) How far are the Student Housing complexes from the campus?

6) Are there groceries and shopping near by?

7) Does the university have storage areas available?

8) Can I store my boat in the parking lot?

9) What appliances are included in the apartment?

10) How long is the housing agreement? Is there a minimum or maximum time that I may occupy a space?

11) Are pets allowed?

12) How many vehicles am I allowed to park in the complex?

13) Do the apartments utilize a security service?

14) If I am visiting the area, can I tour a model?

15) Do the apartments offer Internet access?

16) What about cable TV?

17) Are new students guaranteed housing?

18) How will the Student Housing Office staff communicate with me?

19) When will I find out if I am assigned an apartment?

20) Are special accommodations available for individuals with disabilities?

21) Can I bring my own furniture?

22) Is there a swimming pool?

23) Do I have to move out during the summer semester?

24) Can we have overnight guests?

25) Can my student loans pay for my student housing charges?

26) Where can I pay my semester fee?

27) Is there a place for my bike?

28) Does the Regent Ordinary offer meal plans?

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