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A student at the graduation ceremony of Regent University, a Christian university that offers graduate and undergraduate degree programs in Virginia and online.

Why Attend a Christian College or University

Choosing a college that’s the right fit for you is a major decision. A mosaic of factors plays into it, ranging from the quality of academic programs offered to career advancement opportunities and the student experience. Wondering whether you should pick a Christian college? Let us help you line up the “whys.” A Christian college or university offers a world-class education that equips you to create a positive impact on your field. Faith is interwoven with your career, equipping you to serve and lead with excellence. For instance, Regent University offers accredited associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs in over 130 fields of study, presented from a Christian worldview. These are designed to empower future Christian leaders to change the world. Moreover, in a Christian college, you’ll find a community that is invested in you personally, professionally and spiritually. Expect to find not just faculty members but also mentors, and to cultivate lifelong friendships with your peers. These are some of the factors that help you discover your purpose, your “why” – creating a compass for your academics, career, and life.

Why attend a Christian college or university: Infographic by Regent University, Virginia Beach.

Access the Word document about reasons to choose a Christian college.