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Start Strong! Here are 10 Tips from Real Regent University Community Members for Your Best Semester Ever!

Start your semester strong at Regent University, Virginia Beach.Campus is buzzing right now with the start of a fresh semester.

Monday, August 27, marked the beginning of Fall Semester 2018; with it comes the largest freshmen class in Regent University’s now 40 years of academic excellence and the very first semester of the brand-new College of Healthcare Sciences.

While starting college is one of the best times of life, we also know it can be the most challenging.

A few weeks ago, we polled our followers on our Instagram and Facebook channels and asked for our community’s best tips for starting the semester strong. Here are some of our favorite pieces of advice:

@messy_seci: Buy a planner or organizer and USE IT!

@hermaris.lifestyleblogger: Take it one day at a time, schedule time to study, take breaks, understand that the grade [isn’t everything], and know that you are doing the best you can!

@jess.stach: Be open to being friends with anyone and everyone. You’d be surprised how great and loyal of a friend that person on the outskirts can be. Pace yourself with the time you invest in your friendships, but be kind and friendly to everyone you meet! Also, make it a point to remember people’s NAMES, not just their faces.

@itsjohnthomas: Take a spontaneous iHop run with your hall mates, but when tempted to skip class, don’t do it! #startstrong #doyourbest

@brittyp96: Make sure you have fun! Yes it’s college but it’s your time to really discover who you are. Community helps with that!

@kasey.jean: Don’t be afraid to participate in hall events! I met some of my BEST friends that way!

@becca_marion96: Always, always, ALWAYS do your theology study guides I learned the hard way!

@everlastingsunshine44: Read the syllabi often and mark the due dates in a calendar, then check off when an assignment has been submitted, and jot down the grade once graded. It will not only help you stay on top of things, but will also help you weight your own grades.

@sigourney94: Take lots of notes, because that thing you don’t think will be on the test, will definitely be there!

@frankrachelehbrecht: As a recent grad in the Bachelors in Biblical and Theological Studies program and a soon to be M.Div. student, I can speak as both an alumni and a student. My advice? Ecclesiastes 7:8, “Finishing is better than starting,” and Zechariah 4:10, “Do not despise these small beginnings.”

@Eric D. Meade: Allow God to use the process of this season in your life to mold you and shape you. Regent has it right when it comes to training believers to live out Kingdom principles within their spheres of influence.

@Peter Mutia: For me, it’s a dive to the deep end! But my God is faithful. [Remember] where He guides His grace follows.

@Vera Dixon Trust God!

@Randy Cobb: Absorb all God has for you in the process; prize His faithfulness in each victory and struggle. Don’t be so focused on degree completion and the vision of the future calling that you miss what He has for you in the present calling to be a Regent student. Stay in the moment; reside in confidence that He is using everything to shape you to live abundantly in your today, and your tomorrow.