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A student at Regent, a leading Christian university that offers on-campus and online degree programs.

4 Reasons to Choose a Christian University for Your College Experience

You’re about to embark on one of the biggest decisions of your life.

As a high school student, or even a professional with a few years of experience, deciding where to pursue degree can be overwhelming.

And the choice between a secular or a Christian university can be just as hard!

If you’re on the fence about attending a Christian university for your undergraduate or graduate studies, here are a few indicators that a Christian institution may be a good fit for you:

You Want a World-Class Education

Christian universities take your education seriously.

In our nation, and in our world, the stakes are incredibly high to produce industry-leading professionals in the areas of government, businesses, media, entertainment and even churches.

This means that the academic standards at a Christian college have to match, and even exceed, those of a secular college.

When faculty and administration send you into the world after your college education, they want to ensure you are fully equipped with knowledge and fortified with faith to lead a world that needs Christian leaders.

You’re Inspired by How Your Faith Integrates with Your Career

At a Christian university, you may be surprised to learn how there really is a biblical perspective for every subject!

Your professors will give you a foundational approach to every area of study that melds in with the principles of the Christian faith.

If you’re interested in human affairs or government, you may discover ways to interpret God’s unfolding plan. If you’d like to study healthcare or nursing you may also learn the value of hospitality as you go through your courses.

With God, all things are possible. With a Christian education, no topic is off-limits to integrate the wonder and truth of the Gospel.

You Want Lasting Community – with Students and Professors

When you attend a Christian university, you’ll be surrounded with a deep community of people who want to affirm your faith and your calling as you mature in your relationship with Christ.

In the same way, your professors serve both as unparalleled thought leaders in their field as well as mentors for you as you continue to pursue your calling beyond college. The relationships you form with friends and faculty will last a lifetime.

You Want to Discover Your Greater Purpose

Your purpose and calling reaches far beyond your choice for your higher education institution and even your career.

But, before you launch into the responsibilities and pressures of the “real world,” take time to reflect and seek God’s calling on your life. At a Christian university, you’ll be surrounded by people whose desire it is to see you flourish in every facet of your life.

When you attend a Christian university, you’ll be empowered with both rigorous academic experience as well as the personal mentorship and community to help you discover God’s purpose for your life.

At Regent University, you’ll find a top-ranked college education taught from a Christian perspective. Our renowned faculty will stretch your mind and embolden your heart in pursuit of our mission to create Christian Leaders to Change the World. Learn more and get started on your academic journey today!