Growth, especially growth in Christian leadership, happens best in community. And community can yield the true and enduring wealth of relationships. So whether you're a distance student or a local student with limited time on campus, check out this video of opportunities to get involved in Regent events and groups, many of which cater to off-campus involvement. Click the play button to begin.

Special Events (1:52)

Use the links below to learn more about the groups, events and opportunities that interest you.

Also, be sure to check out Regent's collection of amazing resources.

Student Groups

The Center for Student Development (CSD)
The following list of training events, websites and downloads are available to help you succeed as a student, a professional and as a whole person.

  • Habits of the Heart workshops
  • Lunch with a Prof series
  • Cooking with Bob series
  • Many other events
  • CSD events calendar

Special Links for Undergrads

  • Fellowship in Faith - A new online community for undergrads to share prayer requests, testimonies, discussions, chat and more anytime with other Regent undergrads around the world.
  • Blogging - Read the blogs of other undergrads or become a Regent blogger yourself.

CBN/Regent Toastmasters

Dance Classes/Annual Christmas Ball

  • Harrison Kramer/A Time to Dance
  • Call 1.757.226.4927 for information

Regent Intramural Sports

Career Connections page with links to several local job boards (On-campus jobs are a great way for local students to become Regent "insiders.")

Great things to do in Hampton Roads!
A list of treasures throughout the area

University Events Calendar. Look for:


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