Student Emergency Fund


The Student Emergency Fund is available to assist currently enrolled students who are experiencing a financial emergency, not including tuition-related expenses. The fund is sustained by monetary contributions made by students, faculty, staff, friends, and alumni of the Regent University Community.

Students who are experiencing financial emergencies and who have exhausted other resources are encouraged to avail themselves of this ministry. Requests for emergency assistance are considered on the basis of what is clearly recognized as an emergency. As such, the Student Emergency Fund Committee considers each request separately. Due to significant increases in the number of requests for the SEF each year, the SEF application process has been designed to be as thorough and efficient as possible.

Contributions to the fund are greatly appreciated and may be made through the Regent University Student Services Office. Students who have been helped through this ministry are encouraged, as God prospers them, to bless others by making donations to the SEF. Normally, contributions to the SEF are tax-deductible, however, contributions given through SEF to a specific recipient (designated gift) are not tax-deductible.

This cover sheet and the attached form supersede all previous forms.


  • The SEF is not intended to be a means of ongoing regular support, but is for emergencies only. Assistance for emergencies will be limited to a minimum of three months apart.
  • A maximum of three grants will be allowed to any one person or family unit during enrollment at Regent University.
  • The maximum amount available per student or family unit is not to exceed $300.00 per request.
  • A student must be currently enrolled and must have been enrolled for at least one subsequent semester prior before becoming eligible to receive a grant for the SEF.
  • Students requesting assistance for a second time are required to make an appointment to receive financial counseling. The second request for assistance will not be considered until this financial counseling is received by the applicant. Please contact Amber Steele via telephone at 757.352.4927 or e-mail at to arrange a financial counseling appointment.

Exceptions to these guidelines will be considered by the SEF Committee on a case by case basis.


  • The attached form must be filled out completely and in detail on both sides (unless the need is an immediate emergency financial crisis and the request is for not more than $50.00 - see Sections IV below). The complete form should be returned to the office of Student Services for evaluation by the SEF Committee.
  • After the completed application has been received, it will be considered by the SEF Committee. If necessary the applicant may be contacted for further information. The Regent University Central Financial Aid Office and Business Office may also be contacted to obtain additional financial information concerning the applicant.
  • After all necessary information has been obtained, the request will receive prayerful consideration by the SEF Committee.


Recognizing that various financial emergencies arise that require immediate attention (e.g. family without groceries, etc.), there is an Emergency Financial Crisis SEF process available. In special circumstances, students may receive an emergency grant not to exceed $50.00.

The general guidelines as specified in Section II apply where applicable to the emergency SEF process.

The process for obtaining an emergency financial crisis SEF grant requires completion of the attached SEF application. Upon receipt in the Student Services Office, the application will be evaluated by two members of the SEF Committee. The applicant will be notified of a decision as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please contact Amber Steele, Director of Student Activities and Leadership by telephone at 757.352.4927 or by e-mail at

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